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Display Inaccessible Objects to (Salesforce) Portal Users

It’s quite late, and I can’t think of anything particularly clever to say, so I’ll just get straight to the point. If you’ve ever built a custom portal using Salesforce Sites then you’ve most likely had to navigate your way through the various portal licenses at some point. Let’s see, there’s a Customer Portal, a […]

Salesforce + Twilio + Receiving Incoming Texts

Recently, I’ve been toying with mashing up Salesforce and Twilio’s SMS capabilities. For those of you who don’t know what Twilio is, you should check it out. Twilio is a web service that gives you the ability to integrate voice and SMS into your apps and they have a simple API and documentation. This is a pretty handy service and there are a lot of use case scenarios where this functionality makes sense. For example:

Text-based marketing to leads/contacts.
Notification of certain events to sales reps or field personnel.
A text-based web service that runs on Force.com.