Salesforce IRC – All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

If you’re ever feeling a bit nostalgic about the mid-90’s I’ve got the cure for you.  Go jump on the Salesforce IRC channel.  Despite reminiscing about your teenage days sitting in your parents’ basement, tying up the phone line, and chatting online with babes (not that I did that), you might just learn a little something.

Pat Patterson (aka metadaddy) did a how-to post on the Developer Force blog to get you going in case you don’t remember how to access an IRC channel.  I use an IRC client for the Mac called Colloquy.

There’s usually a good-sized crowd on the chat including some notable figures in the Salesforce community like @apexsutherland, @reidcarlberg, @metadaddy, @vnehess, @gokubi, @colinloretz, @fractastical, and a lot of other very smart folks who use Salesforce.  Whether you’re stuck on a particular development problem and need help, or you’re wanting to contribute, or you just want to see who’s doing what with Salesforce – this is a great place to start.  You’re always usually in for some lively discussion.

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