Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

Google Launches Latitude

Google recently launched a new application called Latitude. The app allows you to visually track your friends’ every move on Google Maps – whether they’re at work, traveling, in the bathroom, or striking up a spontaneous game of tennis, apparently. You can also get in touch with them directly through SMS, Google Chat, or Gmail from within Latitude. The future implications of Latitude are strong and it has landed amid mixed reviews. While many applaud the arrival and some will no doubt toil away the hours of the day watching their friends move about the globe, there are others who are more skeptical of Latitude citing personal privacy reasons. Will this be a great tool for helping friends and family stay connected and feel closer, or is it more of the Great Google Conspiracy to continue encroaching upon our privacy? I tend to think it will be the former. I, for one, am waiting on the iPhone compatibility. But you be the judge.

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