What I do


Implementing a CRM system means connecting the dots on all your business processes.  I've done this with clients spanning many unique industries.

I hold several certifications.  There's not much I haven't done on the platform.

Software Development

I enjoy coding solutions to business problems.  I have experience with a number of languages, frameworks, and platforms.


Communication is the key to success. Successfully aligning project stakeholders, end-users, and partners only happens when the lines of communication are open.
From The Blog

Salesforce Atlanta Hackathon

I’m pumped about the upcoming Salesforce hackathon next week. It feels like the Atlanta Developer User Group has had a few false starts so far, and there hasn’t been a very active developer community here.  This has always seemed odd to me given Atlanta’s size and the number of Salesforce customers that exist here.  This event should be great for […]

Display Inaccessible Objects to (Salesforce) Portal Users

It’s quite late, and I can’t think of anything particularly clever to say, so I’ll just get straight to the point. If you’ve ever built a custom portal using Salesforce Sites then you’ve most likely had to navigate your way through the various portal licenses at some point. Let’s see, there’s a Customer Portal, a […]